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April Marjory (Hanson) was born the first daughter of Ben and Maria (Fernandez) Hanson on 10/9/1966. She married Ron Joyner on 1/21/85. They were divorced and she remarried Teryl Todd on 12/18/99. There were two children born: 1.) Michael Allen Joyner born 7/25/85 and 2.) Autumn Lin Born 12/28/94.
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April Marjory (Hanson) Family

Children of Ron and April Marjory (Hanson) Joyner

Michael Allen Joyner born 7/25/85

Children of April Marjory (Hanson) and Teryl Todd

Autumn Lin Born 12/28/94

Pictures of April Marjory (Hanson) Family

April's Family; 2001
April on her Birthday in 2001
April's All-time Favorite WEBsite